We are very excited to announce that one of our most experienced and leading trainers from Brisbane is going to conduct the most expected PTE Workshop on PTE Listening. Our Trainer will do autopsy of 2 most important questions in PTE Listening- Summarize Spoken Text (SST) & Write from Dictation (WFD). These 2 questions are too important to carry higher percentage of getting 79+ in PTE Listening & Writing. If one attends this workshop, it will be a life changing event as we must guide how you should practice to secure 79+ in PTE Writing & Listening.

Date: 2 May 2018 (Wednesday)

Time: 5:30 PM (Reporting Time: 5:15 PM)

Address: Level 2, 345 Queen Street, Melbourne CBD-3000

Contact us at Mobile: 0415 417 757

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[At a glance] Why this workshop is MUST for you to attend!

πŸŽ“ For Summarize Spoken Text (SST):

βœͺ What are called KEY CONTENTS in SST?

βœͺ How may you find out KEY CONTENTS from audio easily?

βœͺ If you don’t know the topic or understand the key contents, how better can you use other words to make a better SST?

βœͺ If you are used to take any words as key points, is it possible to get 79 in listening and writing?

βœͺ Some suggest that you should use complex or compound or simple sentences in SST. But what sort of sentences should you construct to write a better SST?

βœͺ If you are facing difficulties to form sentences (example; you normally don’t get the speaker’s provided info), what are the better ways that you can follow while practicing?

βœͺ What are the key areas to focus in SST to get better score in PTE Writing and how can you be confident going on right pathway at the time of practice?

βœͺ If the whole audio is about past event, may you write in present tense or may you use multiple tenses in one SST?

βœͺ How many sentences should you write for getting better score in SST?

βœͺ What is the importance of using discourse markers?

βœͺ If you do spelling mistakes in SST, does it destroy the chances of getting 79 in PTE Writing & Listening?

βœͺ You mostly feel scared when the audio is too fast, how may you practice these sorts of audios?

βœͺ Recently, usual length of any SST audio is more than 100 seconds. Someone is too good to take notes, and it crosses more than 70 – 80 words as key information. How can you make better SST when you have already taken more than 60 to 70 words?

Our teacher will help you demonstrate note taking using a new audio so that you can follow the best way to take notes. Based on your note taking, our trainers will show you how to write better SST following our developed strategies & techniques.


πŸŽ“ For Write from Dictation (WFD):

βœͺ Some students always miss 2-3 words in each WFD. How will you solve this WORD MISSING problem using our developed strategies?

βœͺ Sometime the audio is very fast, and you cannot take initial of each word. What should you do and what is the best way to practice?

βœͺ Recently, more than 12 to 14 words are coming as WFD sentence, and you can successfully take initial, but the problem is you cannot recall what are the 1st 2-3 words. How should work on this and how our prescribed guidelines can help you?

βœͺ How many minutes should you save for WFD questions and what are the best way to save time for WFD questions?

βœͺ What are the marking criteria for WFD that one should must focus?

βœͺ Some students become very confused about using article (a; an; the) & preposition (in; on; to etc.). What should you follow to avoid this sort of mistakes?

βœͺ Sometime some students feel confused about TENSES and they do mistakes in verb Patten; (example: had got or have got / would do or should do etc.) What are best method to avoid these sorts of mistakes?

βœͺ If you do spelling mistakes in WFD, does it destroy the chances of getting 79 in PTE Writing & Listening?

βœͺ If you don’t put full stop or appropriate punctuation mark, what will be the effects in PTE writing & Listening scoring?

Our teacher will help you demonstrate note taking using new WFD audios so that you can follow the best way to take words or initials. Our trainers will show you how to write correct sentences in WFD following our developed strategies & techniques.

This is the workshop to kick out all sorts of confusion related to Summarize Spoken Text & Write from Dictation, and we must show you why you should follow us to get 79+ in PTE listening & Writing.

This workshop can help you achieve your desired score and it’s FREE. To attend, please register now here and wait for the CONFIRMATION SMS from our centre. You must show the CONFIRMATION SMS at the time of joining the workshop. Without the CONFIRMATION message, no one will get the chance of participating the most expected Special (FREE) PTE Listening Workshop.

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