Have you ever though why most of our students get their PTE score? The answer is very straightforward & simple as we provide our students more Mock Tests developed with Real Exam Questions & also help them provide feedback with better explanation and exam cracking techniques. We do guarantee that if any students sit for at least 3 mock tests and take one-week support class, s/he must get their desired scores in PTE.

So, if you want to get one Mock Test free and also desire to sit our PTE Trainers for feedback & consultation, you need to follow the following steps. If you have firm determination, we must help you get 79 in PTE!  it’s our PROMISE.

✔ Step 1: ✉ Fill the following Google form in https://goo.gl/n7e4jQ

✔ Step 2: Visit http://ptestudycentre.com.au/

✔ Step 3: Click on Student Login

✔ Step 4: ✉ Register with your details

✔ Step 5: ✉ Message your Name and registered email ID to Sydney PTE Study Centre-Facebook Page.

✔ Step 6: You will be notified when your account will be activated. Please login and you will find your full length Mock test under “Take tests” section.

✔ Step 7: It is a Replica of Pearson Computer Automated Test and you will get your result within 24 to 72 hours. You will be notified by email once the result is published.

⚠ N.B: This test will be active only for 72 hours from activation.