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PTE Topic Overview: Repeat Sentence

PTE Topic Overview: Repeat Sentence

How to answer this question type

For this item type, you need to repeat the sentence you hear.

Firstly, the audio starts playing by itself. Secondly, audio finishes and the microphone will open. Thirdly, the recording status box displays “Recording.” Finally, speak directly into the microphone (no audio signal) and repeat exactly what you hear.

Things you need to remember:

  • Firstly, you should speak clearly and slowly
  • Secondly, finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end. The display will change from “Recording” to “Completed”.
  • Lastly, you only have one chance to record your response

Warning: Remaining silent longer than 3 seconds stop the recording. 

Some Tips:

  • Listen to the phrasing of the sentence
  • Copy the stress and intonation patterns of the sentence you hear

Repeat Sentence – Scoring Mechanism:

The scoring depends on two factors:

  • Oral fluency: Do you have a smooth, easy, and natural tempo of speech in your response?
    Your oral fluency will be scored if your rhythm, phrasing, and emphasis are seamless. Hesitation, repeating, or making incorrect starts will lower your score.
  • Pronunciation: Does your response indicate your ability to produce speech sounds in a similar way to most native speakers of the language?
    Pronunciation is scored by assessing whether or not your speech is easily understood by the majority of native speakers. The top replies have native-like vowels and consonants, as well as appropriately stressed sentences and phrases. A native speaker of the language should be able to comprehend the responses right away.
    PTE Academic acknowledges regional and national variations of English pronunciation to the extent that they are comprehensible to the majority of native English speakers.

Some Notes:

  • You will get partial credit in repeat sentence. No credit is granted for no response or a response that is irrelevant. Listening, speaking, oral fluency and pronunciation are all scored differently depending on the inquiry type.
  •  This question type does not put your writing abilities to the test, and your reading skills are simply utilized to read the instructions.
  • Download the Score Guide for additional details.
  • You can also practice this question type in our AI Portal-AIWAS Plus.

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